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Don’t cross the line!

All Team Managers have the right to manage their teams; all parents have a right to support their children. However there is a fine line between parents encouraging and supporting their children from the touchline and downright interference, inappropriate and aggressive behaviour, especially toward Team Managers and other officials.

Inappropriate parental behaviour is the curse and scourge of grassroots football; however, it’s not just a modern day phenomenon, it’s been with the amateur game for countless years.  The football governing bodies recognise the problem and have taken great strides in trying to stamp out this type of moronic behaviour, but in the main it appears to be spiralling out of control.

One theory blames this on the decline in modern day social attitudes, another on a totally different perspective and approach toward respect, another on violence on television, the breakdown of the marital system and so on. Regardless of the reason, or excuse, it is with us and unfortunately we have to deal with it.

You can’t escape the fact that we, as amateur Clubs, have a major part to play in cleaning up the image we portray to the outside world; we can’t just sit back and expect others to do it for us.  All too often, when confronted by these issues, football Clubs throw up a smoke screen in order to deflect their own failings on the behaviour of others.

As parents we welcome the encouragement you give to your children and your support for their chosen team and Club. However that’s as far as it goes. This is the definitive line.

We have a responsibility to advise all Club Members and their parents of the position in which they put themselves if they decide, in their ultimate wisdom, to cross that line. We have a policy of zero tolerance with any person who attempts, in an abusive or obstructive manner, to interfere in the Managers right to select his or her team or the position in which he or she decides to play a certain player.

It must be fully understood that no player, regardless of who he or she is, is guaranteed to be part of any chosen team in any League or friendly fixture.

Club Policy dictates that each and every player is given the opportunity to participate, at one level or another in grassroots football.  That participation normally comes in the form of a minimum one hour coaching session per week with the added bonus, at the Managers discretion, of being selected for a weekend League or friendly fixture.

Team Managers have an extremely difficult role; they are true volunteers in every sense of the word who don’t get paid for their time, effort or commitment. They, and their coaches, are expected to be not only fully committed to the Club but also be approachable and in a position to answer any question put to them to a polite and civilised manner.

They are not there to be bullied or belittled. They should be treated with the respect and dignity that their position deserves, however, if you think otherwise, please be advised to think again. Or better still, apply for their position.