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Touchline Discipline

Parental support, or parental behaviour at junior matches, has been the topic of conversation and discussion at almost every League meeting this season. There is no doubt in league official’s minds that behaviour on the sidelines is in decline and in some leagues and Clubs in a state of free fall. It is also a grave cause of concern to the F.A. governing bodies.

This is borne out by the growing number of referees who quit the game at grassroots level each year and the increasing number of reports received by the various County Football Associations about ill mannered, abusive and, in some instances aggressive and threatening behaviour directed toward match and opposition team officials. Naturally the pattern differs from league to league; some suffer this indignity more than others. The same can be said of Clubs. Thankfully, ‘reported’ behaviour such as this is rare at Seneley & Garswood Juniors F.C. However, like the vast majority of Clubs, we are not ‘lily white’, there must be those within our own ranks who will, given the opportunity, openly criticise referees to the point of what that referee may well deem as abuse. We are also aware that given the opportunity some individuals will think nothing of shouting abuse at opposition parents and officials, in extreme instances this ‘war of words’ could well boil over into something far more sinister including threats of physical abuse and violence.

The sports governing bodies have given Club Secretaries a clear directive to get a clear and precise message over to parents and Club Officials that behaviour such as this is totally unacceptable and if reported the Club concerned will be disciplined to the point of, in some instances, being dismissed from the league. We must reiterate that it will be the Club which is banned from the League, not just the individual or the team involved.

The FA have already withdrawn the facility of viewing league tables at Under 7 and Under 8 levels in order to curb this epidemic.

With this in mind it is only fair that we point out to our parents and players the position in which they put themselves if any person takes it upon themselves to behave in an abusive manner.

Behaviour such as this is totally unacceptable at this Club; we have a policy of zero tolerance. If any such cases are reported they will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with in a precise and methodical manner so as to protect the good name, Charter Standard and League status of our Club and also safeguard the future, integrity and honour of the vast majority of our members and our law abiding parents who support, encourage and thoroughly enjoy watching their children on the field of play.

In the best interests of these players and their parents the message we send out is quite simple. If any person, be it player, parent or Club official cannot, or will not,  abide by basic rules of courtesy and sportsmanship then you are strongly advisedto take your child to another Club where your behaviour is deemed acceptable……….You are not wanted at this Club.