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Garswood 3-0 Crosfields C

Today’s game was absolutely brilliant, Garswood  D were back to winning form in the Windy game against Crosfields at Birch Grove on Saturday 30th April. It started off a tight game as both teams attacked and defended well but the cheering broke loose when Eoin Clareys brilliant through ball through to Matthew Melling saw the beginning of an excellent move to get the first goal, to finish the move off Matt slotted a neat finish through the slightly nervous keepers legs.

The shots then kept coming and coming, and then when they attacked, Adam Rimmer and Will Unsworth made some cracking challenges to stop the Crosfields attacks. Our second goal came out of no-where. The ball went out for a Garswood throw-in so Eoin took it and the ball came back to him near the half way line and out of no-where he smashed a nice, high lobbed ball over the defence and keeper into the top corner of the goal. Mike Kimberly once again was the heart of our midfield before coming off to be replaced by Lewis Bradley, Matt came off to be replaced by Striker Liam Horrocks and defender Adam Rimmer came off to give defender Joel Meehan a chance. Once the game was back underway, Daniel Hubbard started it off with a cracking shot which was very unlucky.

The second half started and we had the wind against us and we were up hill so keeper Brandon Hogarth had it all to do to keep a clean sheet. Crosfields started off strong having the first attack straight from kick off but once again defenders Joel and Will kept it tidy with simple defending. The second half livened up with another great attack but it was easily made short work of when we ran it out for a corner. Scary moment when the wind took the keepers goal kick up and over the defence and Brandon had to tip over a high bouncing ball for a corner which came to nothing.

Back up the other end, Liam Horrocks did a great turn to lose his defender but failed to finish after the defender caught up with him. This time Liam was on the wing and put in a powerful curled cross against the wind which would of created a great chance for Daniel Hubbard to score but instead the cross hit the lower half of his body and was deflected away. Sub time again and Will, Daniel and Eoin were replaced by Matt, Adam and Mike which then gave us the chance for another goal. It wasn’t clear what happened but all I know is a low cross came in and Liam and Mike both shot at the same time and it went in but whose was the goal? We still don’t know so they have said it was half each. Crosfields finished off strong with a great attack which troubled the defence but the shot wend wide.

Well done to Garswood and Crosfields for a cracking game of footy.
Aaron Lowe

Aarons Squad at Latics


Garswood U10 D 1-0 Grange

Today, Seneley and Garswood under 10’s D squad played a home game against a Grange C team side that beat us 3-1 away only two or three weeks back.

Everyone was psyched up before the game, although the training was a little bit uncontrollable, you could tell something amazing was going to happen that day.

We kicked off first and from the start played well. We were definitely the best team on the day. The team played really well down the wings. Eoin Clarey fired one in across the box, just after half time. Birthday boy, Liam Horrocks throw-ins were unbeatable. That’s what set up Michael Kimberly’s little chip shot of a goal.

The defence played really well getting there second clean sheet of the season. Every ball that came to them was cleared out. The keeper is in an unstoppable form. just before half, Matthew Melling hit the cross bar and the first chance of the game would of been a goal if it wasn’t for Daniel Hubbard just catching the ball with his left foot before he swung his other to shoot.

The whole team played well and it was really hard to pick a man of the Match. But in the end, it went to birthday boy Liam Horrocks for his brilliant Personal Performance.

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